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Surrey Competitions

Men’s Senior Fours

(19/05/2022) Well done to our four of Granville Spencer, Les Smith, Mick Kerbey and John O’Driscoll who have beaten Raynes Park in the 1st round and Putney Town in the 2nd. They are at home to Chertsey in round 3, on 26th May.

(27/05/2022) Our four of Granville Spencer, Les Smith, Mick Kerbey and Kevin Spence progressed once again, beating Chertsey in the 3rd round. Next, they will play at home to Southey in round 4, on 13 July.

(17/06/2022) Sad to report, this run came to an end, with a defeat against Southey.

Men’s Singles

(10/06/2022) Phil Thomas has received a walkover from his 2nd round opponent. He will be at home in round 3 on 17th June

(17/06/2022) Phil Thomas continued his run of success with a win against Elbio Gomez of North Sheen. In round 4 Phil will be away to Alan Harding of West Wimbledon

(24/06/2022) The end of the road in this competition, unfortunately, for Phil Thomas, with defeat to Alan Harding at West Wimbledon

Men’s Pairs

(10/06/2022) Unfortunately Phil Thomas and Les Smith were beaten in their 1st round match. Better news for Mick Kerbey and Granville Spencer who had a good win against Raynes Park. They will be at home in round 2 on 16th June against a pair from North Sheen

(17/06/2022) Despite a strong start against Daniel Capon and his partner from North Sheen, Granville and Mick were defeated in their round 2 match.

Men’s Triples

(10/06/2022) Our trio of Mick Kerbey, Les Smith and Granville Spencer received a bye in the first round. Their 2nd round match against Wallington will be at home on 14th June.

(17/06/2022) A home win for Granville, Les and Mick in round 2 over a team from Wallington. In the next round they are away to another Wallington trio.

(24/06/2022) Round three saw another win for our trio away at Wallington. They next come up against a triple from Purley on 28th June

(01/07/22) Round Four resulted in another triumph for our intrepid trio against the Purley team. Round five will be away at Wimbledon Park on Tuesday 5th July.

Men’s Fours

(10/06/2022) The first round of this competition is on 13th June.

(17/06/2022) Unfortunately a first round defeat to Raynes Park for Mick Kerbey’s quartet

Men's Unbadged Singles

(19/05/2022) Congratulations to Les Smith and Phil Thomas who were both victorious in Round 1. Les and Phil join Mick Kerbey, Granville Spencer and John O’Driscoll in round 2, being played on Wednesday 25th May. Les, Mick and John will all be playing at home.

(27/05/2022) Congratulations to Phil Thomas, Les Smith, Granville Spencer and Mick Kerbey who won their 2nd round matches. Sadly, John O’Driscoll was beaten. In the 3rd round, Phil & Les will play each other, Granville will be at home and Mick will be playing at Putney Town.

(03/06/2022) Sadly, Granville Spencer was defeated by Charles Manser of Southey in round 3. In the all-Malden Manor clash, Phil Thomas was victorious over Les Smith and he will be at home in round 4 on 8th June. Mick Kerbey plays his third round match on 7th June.

(10/06/2022) Our two remaining representatives, Phil Thomas and Mick Kerbey were both victorious in the 4th round. Next, they are both at home in the 5th round on 15th June

(17/06/2022) Mick Kerbey and Phil Thomas were both victorious in their 5th round matches. They will now face each other on 22nd June to decide which one of them goes forward to the area quarter final.

(24/06/2022) Mick Kerbey won out in the all-MM match with Phil Thomas, in front of an enthralled crowd of spectators. Mick now progresses to the Area Quarter Final on 29th June, being played on our green.

(01/07/22) A victorious Mike Kerbey moves forward to the semi finals Wednesday 6th July at Malden Manor. Congratulations to Mike who has qualified for his County Badge.

Ladies’ Champion of Champions

(27/05/2022) Lorna Hunter won her 1st round match, and next plays Pauline Clark from Egham on 4th June

(10/06/2022) Sadly, Lorna was defeated in her 2nd round match

Ladies’ Unbadged Singles

(27/05/2022) Commiserations to Wendy Dunne, who lost her 2nd round match at North Sheen.

(03/06/2022) Congratulations to Lorna Hunter, who won a closely contested 2nd round match against Amanda Thomas of Oxshott. In the 3rd round, Lorna will be away to Thelma Vinson of Chertsey on 28th June.

01/07/22) Commiserations to Lorna who unfortunately was not successful in her third round match

Ladies’ Two Woods

Ladies’ Officers Cup

(27/05/2022) Wendy Dunne was victorious in her 1st round match against Maureen Coyle from Wallington.

(17/06/2022) Nearly but not quite for Wendy Dunne, who lost narrowly to Kate Mosely from Wallington

Mixed Fours