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Results 2022

Results and updates for Inter Club Knockout, Surrey and District Competitions can be found on the Competitions Tab
Day Date Type Opponent MM Score Opp Score Result Points

Friendly Matches
Thu 05-May Mixed Ember (F) 29 59 L N/A
Sun 08-May Men Surrey U25 (F) 40 65 L N/A
Sun 08-May Ladies Surrey U31 (F) 17 13 W N/A
Thu 12-May Ladies Rose Hill (F) ** ** ** **
Tue 17-May Ladies Epsom (F) 19 34 L N/A
Wed 18-May Mixed Surbiton (F) 30 39 L N/A
Sun 22-May Mixed Merton Park (F) 41 59 L N/A
Tue 24-May Ladies Ember (F) 24 35 L N/A
Wed 25-May Mixed Purley (F) 58 57 W N/A
Sun 05-Jun Mixed Supreme (F) ** ** ** **
Tue 07-Jun Mixed Epsom (F) ** ** ** **
Wed 08-Jun Ladies Carshalton (F) ** ** ** **
Tue 14-Jun Mixed Auriol (F) ** ** ** **
Tue 21-Jun Mixed Oxshott (F) ** ** ** **
Tue 05-Jul Ladies Epsom Park (F)
Sun 24-Jul Mixed Malden Lime Grove - Beehive Trophy (F)
Thu 28-Jul Ladies Hook & Southborough (F)
Sat 30-Jul Mixed Eastbourne (F)
Thu 04-Aug Mixed Malden Lime Grove (F)
Tue 16-Aug Ladies Cuddington (F)
Wed 17-Aug Mixed Raynes Park (F)
Thu 01-Sep Mixed Wallington (F)
Tue 06-Sep Ladies Ashtead (F)
Wed 07-Sep Mixed London Civil Service (F)
Tue 13-Sep Mixed Sutton and District (F)
Wed 21-Sep Mixed Oxshott (F)

Sutton and Epsom League
Sun 01-May Men Surbiton RBL (SEL) 72 28 W 5 of 5
Sat 07-May Men Epsom Park (SEL) 48 63 L 1 of 5
Sun 15-May Men Epsom Park (SEL) 36 84 L 0 of 5
Sat 21-May Men Sutton (SEL) 69 43 W 3 of 5
Sat 28-May Men Epsom Court (SEL) 55 54 W 4 of 5
Sat 04-Jun Men Cuddington (SEL) 69 76 L 1 of 5
Wed 08-Jun Men Banstead Neville (SEL) 52 71 L 0.5 of 5
Sat 25-Jun Men Ewell Village (SEL) 46 58 L 1 of 5
Thu 30-Jun Men Rose Hill (SEL) 64 37 W 5 of 5
Sun 03-Jul Men Carshalton (SEL) 51 61 L 1 of 5
Thu 07-Jul Men Ewell Village (SEL)
Wed 20-Jul Men Surbiton RBL (SEL)
Thu 21-Jul Men Epsom Court (SEL)
Sat 23-Jul Men Carshalton (SEL)
Wed 27-Jul Men Auriol (SEL)
Wed 03-Aug Men Banstead Neville (SEL)
Sat 07-Aug Men Cuddington (SEL)
Tue 09-Aug Men Wallington (SEL)
Wed 10-Aug Men Auriol (SEL)
Sun 14-Aug Men Rose Hill (SEL)
Sun 21-Aug Men Sutton (SEL)
Tue 30-Aug Men Wallington (SEL)

Cristal League
Tue 03-May Ladies Purley (CL) 30 29 W 4 of 6
Thu 19-May Ladies Sutton (CL) 34 44 L 0 of 6
Thu 16-Jun Ladies Cheam Fields (CL) 38 29 W 4 of 6
Thu 23-Jun Ladies Supreme (CL) 30 28 W 4 of 6
Tue 19-Jul Ladies Cheam (CL)
Thu 21-Jul Ladies Epsom Court (CL)
Tue 02-Aug Ladies Banstead Neville (CL)
Tue 09-Aug Ladies Auriol (CL)
Thu 11-Aug Ladies Merton Park (CL)
Sat 27-Aug Ladies Chessington (CL)

Kingston and District League
Wed 04-May Mixed Surbiton RBL (KDL) 55 49 W 8 of 10
Tue 10-May Mixed Southey (KDL) 31 77 L 0 of 10
Sat 14-May Mixed Supreme (KDL) 46 92 L 0 of 10
Sun 29-May Mixed Merton Park (KDL) 53 54 L 4 of 10
Sun 12-Jun Mixed Surbiton (KDL) 53 65 L 2 of 10
Wed 06-Jul Mixed Raynes Park (KDL) 53 61 L 3 of 10
Sat 20-Aug Mixed West Wimbledon (KDL)
Sat 27-Aug Mixed Chessington (KDL)
Mon 19-Sep Mixed Hook & Southborough (KDL)

Smith League
Mon 20-Jun Ladies Supreme (SL) 23 38 L 2 of 7
Tue 28-Jun Ladies Hook and Southborough (SL)
Mon 04-Jul Ladies Ewell Village Ladies (SL)
Wed 13-Jul Ladies Chessington (SL)
Mon 18-Jul Ladies Cheam Fields (SL)

West Wimbledon Triples (Fullers League)
Mon 27-Jun Mixed West Wimbledon (Ful) 37 60 L 4 of 10
Tue 19-Jul Mixed Chessington (Ful)
Mon 25-Jul Mixed Imber Court (Ful)
Mon 01-Aug Mixed Supreme (Ful)
Mon 08-Aug Mixed Raynes Park (Ful)
Mon 15-Aug Mixed Malden Lime Grove (Ful)
Mon 05-Sep Mixed Hook & Southborough (Ful)